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Because I dunno.... It makes it easier to navigate, maybe?... anyway.

Name: Logan Blackwood
Age: Up to 24 years.
Race: MUTANT human..., Korean-english
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: GHEY
Sexual/romantic preferences:
Logan: "Uhh... Karl?"
Iris: "I don't think that counts."
Logan: "Fuuuuuuuu. Um..."
Logan: Mewl *crawls off to hide somewhere*

Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Build type: Teen- Skinny ass kid Adult - Cool Muscle man.
Birth marks/tattoos: Neck triangle thing tattoo...(tribe marking)
Dress sense: Super seductive hoodies and jeans.
Hair style/colour: Black, flops over left eye all fashionable like. Kinda... soft...
Skin type: Korean
Other appearance: Insomniac bags (unless dating Karl, because his mind sorcery can solve insomnia- how useful), always looks serious. ALWAYS. He cannot turn that frown upside down... poor kitty... *sigh*
History: Oh you know, the usual, killed his parents when he was eight when his power of pain-synthesis "activated", ended up joining a gang by the age of ten, did a lot of normal kid things like watching his first partner die, torturing several people, murdering more people, hanging around, being super hip bros with Iris Brye, probably being negatively influenced by her but he'd be all shy and prudey still if she hadn't so yay. Was raped by his third partner Daniel Stark who he then killed in the shower... then got partnered with Karl and drugs and *cue amazing french acent* romance, ensued. Then was on the "frontier" of the drug wave that hit in the summer... 'adopted' several kids as you do... killed leader of enemy tribe in second tribes war... then left tribes because bloodlust and feels and stuff and LEFT KARL WHICH WAS STUPID BTW. Hurr.... Comes back, lots of drama, ends up being engaged to Karl through a very fluffy chain of events. la la la....
Family: THEY'RE ALL DEAD. Mother; Alice Blackwoood, Botanist. Father; Frank Blackwood, Tele-cyber. Sister; Jane Blackwood, both powers.
Class: Was middle-class, now is a GANGSTA. Yeah.

Personality: (already done this so yolo, wordy time...)
Personality type: INTJ (introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)
-Is unaffected by other's opinions of him and can easily see where they are wrong.
-often comes off as arrogant but is simply sure minded, confident and factual.
-Makes judgements about anyone and everything based on acute observation, will always look for evidence before making a decision.
-Is very observational and alert at all times.
-As an intell, he is constantly thinking about several things all at once but can still manage a conversation whilst working things out, though he prefers quiet when he's under pressure or trying to make a decision as quickly and accurately as possible.
-His observance and subsequent judgements often lead people to believing he's cold and harsh, where he can actually be very sympathetic and understanding because he sees the reason behind people's flaws as well.
-Is not easily irritated or angered, remains outwardly impassive a lot of the time often making people view him as emotionless and overly-serious.
-His inability to experience emotional pain in the same way as others means he is generally less sympathetic to those in physical pain and those who are heartbroken. He still understands other's emotions due to judgements made on their actions and he can still experience fear and horror like normal humans, but without the same stabbing emotional backlash. This lack of emotional pain has bad him less sensitive to bullying, cruelty and being treated badly but he still negatively judges those who abuse others and their power.
-He can be very loyal if he sees fit and towards his very closest he is extraordinarily loyal, often to the point of disregarding his own opinion. He is protective of those he cares about and especially children.
-His 'secret weakness' would be children, who he finds more enjoyable to be around compared to most adults, he is almost limitlessly patient and kind with children and becomes more easily attached to them than to elders.
-Views children and other vulnerable individuals as people he should protect and whilst he doesn't develop a hero complex over it, he will often put himself at risk to protect them, depending mainly on the situation and his judgement of the individual.
-He is willing to kill people and is comfortable with violence but needs a reason to utilize it. Operates well with a purpose or something to protect, often becomes more linear and automatic when given a task.
-Has a very structured way of thinking and whilst he can follow several lines of thought at once he has a very linear way of addressing single problems.
-Analysis of the situation is his first response to most things and he strongly believes everything can and should be analyzed, with a few exceptions such as romance and sex, in which he is either uncomfortable and feels unusually inept or he simply turns down his analysis of things and relies more on feeling the moment. He can find this difficult if he is not comfortable with his partner or his situation.
-Is as extraordinarily good actor to the point that even his closet have trouble differentiating between his genuine self and a forced persona. He can control his expressions, body language and tone perfectly.
-As an exert on analyzing people, when detached from the situation he's very good at seducing and manipulating people, deducing their preferences, fetishes and desired responses. He can potentially be very overpoweringly charming, deceptive and socially powerful but he finds doing such things irritating if done to much and he dislikes both the dishonesty and the human element which adds an unwelcome element of uncertainty, even for him.
-He is sexually awkward, due to his fear of rejection (as close to pain as he'll ever feel), his uncertainty with the added human element and after being raped at the age of fourteen he was uncomfortable with being touched. He dislikes discussing things of a sexual nature (save clever sexual jokes where he can see the humor) both because of his awkwardness and because he believes it's impolite and personal.
-He is a logical person who when asked, can preform tasks without instruction.
-responds well to responsibility and doesn't shy away from pressure or expectations
-Enjoys doing what he can do, even if it's challenging. Things outside his abilities alienate him initially, though he may then later take an interest.
-He can be very understanding of most things as he sees reason where it exists, direct or indirect.
-He has problems with people who aren't loyal or who act irrationally, dislikes being around the intellectually lacking though doesn't seek constant intellectual stimulation.
-physically he's good at picking things up using his brain to work out how to do things and can copy physical motions almost perfectly through observation and memory. He has less luck with stairs which he finds he falls down a lot due to their varying distances.
-When angry he can be very sharp, critical and blunt. He delivers what justice he sees fit and rarely regards the opinion of the majority.
-Whilst he's fairly bitter about many things and is deeply depressed by his past and the murders he commits, he acknowledges the reasoning behind them and his inability to feel emotional pain in the same way means he remains generally impassive or even occasionally optimistic about situations. Whilst not being easily excited or happy, he has a positive outlook on situations and always believes in finding the solution.

Reasons for personal traits: He and his heart have got issues.
Likes and Dislikes:
-Literature: Likes: Theoretical science/maths/philosophy books, well written and deeply detailed books, complex books with multiple and intricate plot and character developments. Generally has a preference towards classics or books addressing social issues. Favorites are American Gods, Fight Club, A song of Ice and Fire series and LOTRs. Dislikes: Teen-age romance crap which is neither realistic, well written or well thought out, also dislikes slow paced books and anything which isn't well written. 2-d and god characters also severely irritate him. Not particularly keen on horror either.
-Film & television: Likes: As a whole, generally likes Tv and film, especially those which have interesting quotes he can easily recall to drop into conversation and sound cool 8D For film he prefers fast face psychological thrillers and or detailed studies of certain aspects. Well researched and fact filled films also capture his interest. He also likes more laid-back, happy films which are still well done. Favorites would include anything with a plot that he didn't guess in the first five minutes. Enjoyed Inception, American Psycho, Disney films and for Tv he likes documentaries and series such as Lost, Dexter and Doctor Who (mostly due to Karl's constant infliction of it). Dislikes: Rom-coms, loose and unfinished plot films, dramas and fighting films.
-Music: Likes: As a fairly eclectic taste in music, mainly enjoys mid/slow paced songs with strong and powerful melodies. Enjoys piano tracks, classical music but also likes some rock and is secretly fond of dance-track music. Dislikes: Pop (finds overly repetitive), Rap (sigh), Screamo, some rock and anything that's overly slow/dull. Has a deep and passionate hate for muse.
-Other: His strongest interests are Literature (reading, not really into writing) and Tv/Film though he enjoys but suppresses fighting and getting involved in action. He likes wasting his time on things such as paintball, Karaoke and occasionally RAVES with clsoe friends.... Dislikes dancing due to it's sexual and illogical nature. Will only ever sing when he's drunk. Later attempts to refrain from alcohol as it makes him overly flirtatious and flamboyant. When on the drug scene his favorites were LSD and any other hallucinogenic. Sexually, his main concern is simply being comfortable with the person he's sleeping with and will only have a one night stand or a quick hook up if he's drunk. Generally he prefers to be on top but usually goes on the bottom when with Karl. Likes the idea of role-play though feels shy about it and other than that, his main 'turn-ons' would simply be body stimulation and the use of the tongue.
Weaknesses: children, anyone vulnerable, is kind of dislikeable, often seen as overly serious, (had) a drug problem, gets a bit obsessed with things at time. Also likes motorbikes...
Strengths: Badass- I mean intelligent, extraordinarily talented at hand to hand combat and when super-powered, has pain-synthesis (manipulate pain in others- in advanced stages can be used to an extent for partial invisibly, called 'pain perception' which is where people avoid looking at him because sub-conscious triggers a pain reaction and urgh, complicated science things. It's very difficult to maintain and often requires a focusing object instead of a person (e.g. a coin). Has a somewhat infamous reputation amongst tribes as a ruthless killer and psychopath, as well as a drug sailor.
Weapon(s) of choice: Hand to hang/snipers or pistols/knives/powers.
Powers: Pain-synthesis and Intell (Inhumanly high IQ)
Other: Looks cute in cat ears...

Education: Studied up until eight years old with school but was doing A-levels and university night courses in several subjects... also nerd-reads science/maths books in free time. Is super duper fun like that.
Occupation: Worked for a branch of the government called the GRA for a period of time as a double agent giving other mutants warnings... as child was a tribe member, as an adult is a member of the self-righteous vigilante group named the "lights" (so modest...)
Morals: HE does try to be a good person, and never hurts anyone without a reason. Is comfortable with killing as a teen though, then he goes all noble and righteous and tries not to. Emphasis on the tries. (lol, someone "kidnaps" Karl. They live long)
Philosophies: Sexual Maths. Cool It's maths. But sexual.
Conflicts: Own mental issues and such, Karl feels, feely feels, what do do with his life feels and Logan-angstyness.

I'll finish this thang laters...

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