my cat died

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my cat died

Post  flewtomordor on Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:04 pm

some bastard ran over sakura. im so angry at them. they must have been going too fast. there wsan't even any blood. she could have been sleeping. but her eyes were open. her body was stiff. she didn't deserve to die. if i find out who killed her i'm going to fucking murder them. they're so out of line. they were driving far too fucking fast to kill her like that. the utter cunt. i bet they didn't even stop their car. i can't believe she's gone. it feels like any second there's going to be a scratching at the door and sakura will want to be let in. i keep expecting still to find bits of rabbit and mouse around the house. i dont understand why someone had to drive so fucking fast they couldn't manage to avoid a cat. and she's a surviver. you want to know the ironic thing? the really ironic thing? she was a feral cat. she was the only one to survive from two litters because the others ALL GOT RUN OVER. three years later, and who knew the same would happen to her. i loved her. oh god. i can't believe she's gone.

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